Rooms & Houses

Chambre Classique

From 255€

Located in the Main House,  2 rooms from 27 to 28 m². Pool or Park or... Read more

Chambre Supérieure

From 310€

These 5 rooms from 27 to 39 m² in the Main House. Park and courtyard view.... Read more

Grande Chambre Supérieure

From 320€

These 3 rooms approximately 33m² in size were created in 2012 in the big house. Magnificent,... Read more

Junior Suite

From 440€

These 3 rooms approximately 41m² in size are located in the big house. The double entrance... Read more

Junior Suite Deluxe

From 450€

These 2 rooms approximately 50 m² in size are located in the big house and overlook... Read more

La maison du Meunier

From 495€

Covering 75 m² each upstairs, the 2 Maison du Meunier apartments can be interconnected upon request.... Read more

La maison de l’Écuyer

From 495€

These 2 large properties measuring 79 m² each are located upstairs and offer 2 apartments that... Read more